This petition was submitted during the 2010–2015 Conservative – Liberal Democrat coalition government

Petition Scrap Council Tax And Replace With Earnings Related TAX

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Council TAX is currently based upon the value of the property you live in and does not take into account the occupant’s ability to pay. Originally, Councils perceived that the value of your home was an indication as to your wealth and set out the current Banding Levels based upon this assumption. Discounts for single occupancy, second homes and unemployment, are currently being reduced and in some cases, being reduced to 0% discount. Local Councils dictate that your Council TAX takes priority above all other bills. This includes food, heating and even your mortgage. Councils are also benefiting from millions of pounds generated in Summons and liable fees. Council are also quickly moving late payers over to Rundle & Co, a Debt Collectors who immediately apply their own charges closely followed by threats of personal goods seized within your own home. Are we in this together? Apparently not according to the local Councils. Scrap Council TAX now and introduce a TAX based on earnings.

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