This petition was submitted during the 2010–2015 Conservative – Liberal Democrat coalition government

Petition Moratorium on incineration as study into health commissioned by HPA

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Stop approval of incinerators till health data is collected for IMRs and SMRs & not depleted by claims of confounding re deprivation. Incinerators are located in wards of existing pollution & high deprivation where people are susceptible to emissions due to prior exposure, lifestyle choices, low immunity and predisposed cardio pulmenory respiratory disease.

WHO 1997 mapping techniques should be used in data collection assumptions scrutinised as dispersion modelling is often bias at source re input dependant on the input data.

The HPA commissioned study into IMRs due to public concern re incinerators PM2.5s &1s & work of Zambon, comba, veil, franchini, obi osis, tango and Dr Van Steenis re IMRs & SMRs upwind v downwind of incinerators shows the precautionary principle should be enacted & a moratorium on incineration passed until all health data above is fully researched and peer reviewed.

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