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Petition Check Vitamin d levels as part of routine blood testing during pregnancy

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Vitamin D has been shown as a major player in maternal & foetal health. Linked to numerous vital health issues, vitamin d deficiency is now known to be prevalent. In the last three years an increasing amount of research suggests that some of the damage done by vitamin d deficiency is done in-utero while the foetus is developing. Much of that damage may be permanent, that is it cannot be fully reversed by taking vitamin d after birth. This research indicates vitamin d deficiency during pregnancy endangers the mother's life & health & is the origin for a host of future perils for the child, especially for the child's brain & immune system. Pregnant women undergo a number of routine blood checks. It would be prudent to check vitamin d levels at the same time. This preventative care would empower women with knowledge so they can supplement for their health and that of their unborn baby. We call for ante natal screening to include the simple check of vitamin d levels known as 25 (OH)D.

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