This petition was submitted during the 2010–2015 Conservative – Liberal Democrat coalition government

Petition Guidelines & Standards for Laser Refractive Eye Surgery

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We call for the following:
1.The Royal College of Opthalmologists guidelines and Standards to be tightened and enforced as the basis of a legal requirement.
2.All surgeons practising laser vision correction to be independently trained, assessed, and certified on the type of laser used.
3.The surgeon to be available for the initial assessment, operation, post op care & discharge appointment.
4.Full audited results for individual surgeons to be published annually.
5.A legally enforceable requirement for a minimum period between issue of patient consent form & operation.
6.Patient consent form to provide statistics for "possible side effects".
7.The surgeon to sign consent form confirming s/he is satisfied that the patient has been fully informed, and understood the risks, in the presence of patient and witness.
8.Commission an independent study of patients results and satisfaction measured by both qualitative & quantitative data.
9.A strict code of advertising conduct.

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