Petition Please build a bridge across Fleetwood to Knott End

I and my petitioners would like to request that you now build a bridge to link Fleetwood and Knott End. The distance between the two places is 13 miles and a good 35 minute drive, even longer now the new 20mph speed limits have been put in place. Getting from one to another via a bridge across the water now the ships do not dock in Fleetwood would seem so much more economical with the rising cost of fuel and also less timely. Even going from Fleetwood to say Lancaster would cut out all of the 'round the houses' drive and be much quicker and also people from Knott End who wish to travel to Fleetwood to say do their weekly shop at Asda would save so much time and money. I ask you to concider investing some money into a bridge. I just see it as making perfect sense and i do hope you agree, Thank you

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It was submitted during the 2010–2015 Conservative – Liberal Democrat coalition government

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