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Petition Helping the defenseless!

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ANIMAL CRUELTY NEEDS OUR ATTENTION - The punishment that comes after committing such awful, distressing pain on defenceless animals is pathetic! Why is it that the killing or torture of an animal is not a cause for concern? 3 vital laws should be laid down to offenders:
1. Banned for LIFE from owning any kind of pets ever again!
2. Regular home visits should be kept up to date to check that no pet is on the premises after being convicted.
3. A register of offenders should be kept public and made available to all breeders, vets and kennels.
I will NEVER understand the evil that exist but I’ve had enough of feeling like a helpless being. These put in place and the cruelty would decrease, not stop unfortunately but it would change, which is the first step to helping the defenceless. All they do wrong is trust the wrong people.

They depend on us so let’s help!!

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