This petition was submitted during the 2010–2015 Conservative – Liberal Democrat coalition government

Petition Reduce MP wages to £67.50pw + travel

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There are several schemes that are currently used in order to push the unemployed into work. They vary from the voluntary work placements which penalise withdrawal after one week to mandatory work placements by contracted agencies such as Igneus. With the introduction of Clause 54 of the WRB those in the WRAG of ESA, which includes those with significant physical and mental illnesses and disabilities, will become part of the group who can be placed on these scheme additionally with no time limit.
It is clear that the government believe £67.50 + travel expenses is a reasonable and suitable wage to receive in return for a minimum of 30 hours work per week as well as being a wage that is liveable for the members of the public.

I request that all MP wages should therefore be reduced accordingly to the same level deemed appropriate for the public. This will not only show belief in the principle but also reduce government expenditure in a time where we must all face drastic cuts.

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