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Petition Regulation of Independent Careers Advice

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Research conducted by Medway Youth Parliament indicated that the level of advice on careers and post-16 options reaching students is, in our opinion, below satisfactory. We believe this is a significant issue that affects young people across the country. Cuts in school funding, coupled with the responsibility of delivering careers advice passing from local authority to schools in September, could exacerbate the problem. Since it is a statutory legal requirement for every student to receive independent advice, a minimum standard of ‘good’ advice must exist. We recommend that OFSTED ensure that all education providers supply independent advice of a ‘good’ level, or better. Our suggestion is that these checks are carried out when OFSTED undertake their routine inspections, therefore not increasing the workload of OFSTED inspectors dramatically and managing to limit cost. We hope you see the importance of this issue due to its obvious implications and that you sign our petition.

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