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Petition Waive VAT on Raspberry Pi

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On occasion, where a product delivers significant social benefit the Chancellor for the Exchequer has seen fit to waive VAT on purchases of that product. Examples include waiving VAT on music singles.

The Raspberry Pi foundation (UK charity number 1129409), has produced a very low-cost computer. This computer is designed for use in UK schools in order to teach computer programming. Furthermore, this computer has been designed in the UK, using technology developed in the UK (specifically the ARM processor). As such this low cost computer delivers on two aspects of public policy
* introducing computer programming to UK schools, and
* showcasing the best of UK design.
Sales of the Raspberry Pi computer allow the foundation to invest in the next-generation of technology for the next-generation of UK students.

We request that the Chancellor consider waiving VAT on purchases of the Raspberry Pi computer to encourage its adoption as part of the computer science curriculum in schools.

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