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Petition Stop the Cookie Law and rethink completely

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The EU Cookie Law will harm the UK economy. The government must repeal its implementation.

The law attacks the digital economy - a huge and growing part of UK wealth. Non-EU businesses have a competitive advantage and some EU countries will ignore the law to their advantage.

Every business website must track visitors. Anonymous analytics help to improve websites - increasing revenue and tax income.

Many businesses use retargeted advertising. This allows them to get the best ROI from their marketing budget. Efficient advertising helps businesses manage their finances and make more profit - meaning more tax.

Internet users can use browser controls to manage cookies. The EU Cookie Law is out-of-touch and draconian. Enforcing the law will be costly; business will waste money on compliance and then lose money when people opt out of cookies. The UK economy will suffer.

The law is bad for business, bad for the UK and must not be enforced. The law should be repealed.

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