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Petition #fightlikeagirl Lower the age of the smear program from 25 to 20 in England

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I was refused a smear test at the age of 23 as i was not 'old enough' I was sat in the nurses room and she advised me to wait till i was 25. When i was sent for at 25 i was pregnant and had to wait untill my son was born. I had my 1st smear in sept 2011 at the age of 26 and was diagnosed with cervical cancer with a spread to my pelvic lymph nodes. This could of been a different story if i had been allowed a smear when requested at 23 as the health professionals say it takes at least 10 years for cervical cancer to develop following HPV infection and my smear would of shown cell changes which could of been closely monitered.
Since my diagnosis i have read about 2 young girls under 25 from my area who have lost their lifes to cervical cancer. Both could of been avoided. surely saving lifes out weighs any benefits for keeping the age at 25. Since 2003 there has been a rise with cervical cancer in young women and claiming lifes when it could be prevented.

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