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Petition 'Respect' for primary care nurses campaign

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The recent barrage of negative press, threats to NHS pensions and an increasing number of incidents involving hostile patients have left many nurses feeling maligned and unappreciated.

Furthermore, the upcoming changes in the NHS will force more and more patients into the community – piling on more work for primary care nurses.

Sign the 'Respect' campaign e-petition for a national day of recognition for primary care nurses in May 2013.

Health Secretary Andrew Lansley was among the first to officially show his support, already promising to encourage MPs to support the debate when it reaches Parliament.

“The 'Respect' campaign is a very good idea," said Lansley.

"For a number of reasons we are going to see a bigger focus on the quality of nursing in the community and less of the assumption that when you talk about a nurse you are talking about a nurse on a ward of a hospital.”

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