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Petition "Bedroom Tax" that's being introduced is simply not workable and not fair!

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AN SIMPLE EXAMPLE: Many disabled tenants, previously deemed by Government/Housing as requiring 2 bed properties and/or adapted to their needs are now having to choose to move to a 1 bed property that generally will be unsuitable/unsafe in a lot of cases or pay this sneaky tax, whilst oaps and the working community will be able to have as many spare rooms as they choose. All agree cutbacks are needed, but ask yourself, why choose these vunerable and needy groups AGAIN? who in truth need all the help and support going, this tax can and will only bring greater poverty/hardship to the most vunerable and already struggling, but importantlg will most certainly NOT free larger homes as its being billed too be the "miracle cure" for, its another STEALTH TAX designed to tax the poor. THERE IS A LIVELY GROWING GROUP ON FACEBOOK NOW! called Bedroom Tax Chat thats raidly gaining users?? url- you will find "REAL" views STOP THIS TAX NOW!

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