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Many jobs for nannies are advertised with a net wage and contracted using a Net Pay Agreement meaning:
dishonest employers can hide their non-compliance with obligations to make deductions on the employee’s behalf, impacting individuals and the national economy - nannies paid cash in hand cost the Treasury an estimated £57million/year
employees do not benefit from annual increases in tax and NI thresholds
the employer’s liability to the employee is variable and uncertain as the amount of tax and NI due is determined by factors beyond the employer’s control and may change without notice
This practice is outdated. We call on the government to make it a requirement a) for all jobs to be advertised with a gross salary only and b) for the written statement of employment/employment contract constructed under English law to include a gross salary or, where this is not practicable (e.g. oil industry employees working offshore), gross equivalent using a normal single person’s tax code.

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