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Petition Review the EU Cookie Law

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The EU Cookie Law, created in May 2011, is in no way beneficial to either the webmaster or the visitor. A few negatives of this law are:

- It will annoy and confuse users who don't currently know what cookies are.
- It makes innocent website owners break the law.
- It is unclear and most website owners don't fully understand what they have to do and whether they need to.
- Every EU State has a different law, where's the consistency?
- It will negatively affect several industries, which in the current economic climate seems like a bit of a stupid move?
- It won't actually help privacy... Which is what it's supposed to do.

There are several steps the government can take in order to make this better:

1. Scrap the law completely. This is the best outcome. What does this law actually achieve in a positive way? Nothing!
2. Then go onto look at how privacy concerns can be dealt with. Cookies are not the way to do it.
3. Stop working against online businesses.

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