Petition Allow immigration of non EU spouses

This petition asks the Home Office to reconsider its recent decision to tighten the rules on migration of non EU spouses of UK citizens to the UK. The Home Office seems to be unaware that this will have negligible impact on immigration numbers, but will have a very negative impact on people working hard abroad - often in the interests of the UK Government - who fall in love while overseas. It's telling UK citizens 'you are not welcome to come home'. Spouses of UK citizens who do migrate are in fact already not entitled to any Government benefits, but if they work, they are expected to pay taxes. If the Conservative Party is really 'pro-family' then this move needs to be reconsidered. The alternative is splitting families up or telling them to permanently stay out of the UK - all for the sake of a temporary headline.

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It was submitted during the 2010–2015 Conservative – Liberal Democrat coalition government

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