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Rejected petition get rid of dead baby jokes !!!!

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i made this petition for facebook !!! to get dead baby jokes shut down for good !!!! please sign this petition !! to stop it once and for all !!! its sickening that facebook have let this continue for 2yrs now no matter how many times reported its affending so many people who have lost babies and who are pregnant or who are already parents !! i recieved a threat from that page it was sickening facebook need to come together and fight to stop such discusting sickening heartless pages !!! and who ever creates them should be delt with by the law !!!

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It’s about something that the UK Government or Parliament is not responsible for.

This e-petition was added to the site in error.

The issues it raises are not a matter for HM Government, and are the responsibility of the commercial organisation mentioned within the petition.

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