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Petition Say NO to New Zombie Copyright Law

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The Government has recently announced a change in the Law for Design Copyright from 25 years of first production to 70 years from the death of the Author.

This means designs already out of copyright for 30 years will be given back protection.

The largest sector affected with be the Furniture industry where iconic pieces of furniture now affordable through reproductions will no longer be available.

we believe the law perhaps should be changed from the day it is passed to all designs going forwards or from 1988 (covering items just reaching 25 years)

However, it should NOT be applied to anything that precedes this date as the protection has already long run out.

Giving back this protection will damage legitimate business leaving thousands out of work in the UK and gives a monopoly to the handful of companies who are allowed to buy licenses to sell these designs at inflated prices.

please sign up and say NO.

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