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Petition Save Brampton Little Theatre

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A perfectly formed theatre is situated in the village of Brampton in Cambridgeshire. Its location on the RAF Station has been kept relatively quiet, making publicity for the shows difficult, but a thriving theatre flourished & for 60 years, theatrical & musical productions have been appearing and attracting sell-out audiences.
As the RAF Station is due to close, people are fighting to save the theatre, with the adjoining airmen's mess, as an Arts & Community Centre. 3 sets of plans have been drawn up for consideration, two retaining the theatre and one with it being demolished, but the DIO are favouring the plan with the theatre being demolished. The government should recognise that demolishing the theatre only to build a community centre elsewhere on the site is not only a waste of money, but detrimental to supporting the arts in the local community.
We are opposed to the demolition of Brampton Park Theatre and believe that it should be retained as an asset for the whole community.

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