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Petition Change the Bereavement Leave from 3 days to up to 12 weeks

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12 months ago my son died tragically at the age of 23 months. It was at that time I realised We are only entitled to 3 days off work and one of those days has to be the funeral. You are entitled to sick leave or you can take holiday entitlement from your employer but you shouldn't have to use sick or holiday leave, what if you became sick.

My vision for the future is that you will have the ability to take up to 12 weeks off paid leave Using the bereavement leave entitlement and be able to return to your job. As a nation we don't talk about death and we should be able to as for me it is a great healing process and this change I feel would help us as a nation as does maternity leave and paternity leave now.

So please sign my petition and help me enable to bring this to our governments attention and hopefully in the future CHANGE will happen...

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