This petition was submitted during the 2010–2015 Conservative – Liberal Democrat coalition government

Petition Ban cyclists from the road and build more cycle paths

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Cycles should be banned from the highway and be forced to either use pavements or we should build more cycle paths for them.

1) Our roads aren't wide enough to safely support cyclists. When we overtake we're forced to use the wrong side of the road.
2) Cyclists don't pay road tax.
3) Most can't cycle in a straight line.
4) A lot don't wear any helmets.
5) Cyclists don't have to obey the Highway Code.
6) Cyclists have no insurance so if a cyclist damages a car the owner will likely have no compensation.
7) Some cycle double-abreast, creating an even greater hazard.
8) They are a danger to themselves and drivers as they can't keep up with a decent road speed. If a car was caught by Police travelling at a cycle's speed the driver would be fined for obstructing others and/or dangerous driving.

In closing, removing cyclists from our roads and building many more cycle paths would keep pedestrians, cyclists and drivers safe and happy and we petition our Government to make it so.

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