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Petition Affordable Car Insurance

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The cost of car insurance in parts of the country is getting out of hand. We have young drivers being quoted over £20,000 for their first car, and many responsible drivers have seen their premiums going through the roof just because of their post code.
As the Member of Parliament for Bradford East, my mail bag has been inundated with messages from constituents who are angry about this.
The police say that there is a great deal of insurance fraud going on which they know about, but do not have the tools and resources to deal with. On top of that, the scandalous practice of selling crash details to personal injury lawyers is pushing up premiums for everyone and must be dealt with.
When responsible drivers are being forced off the road by the cost of insuring their cars, the Government has to act.
Add your name to this petition to help me fight for affordable insurance, tougher policing of uninsured drivers, and tighter regulation of claims companies.
Thank you,
David Ward MP

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