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Petition Save Childrens Cardiac Surgery at the EMCHC at Glenfield Leicester

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The JCPCT has put forward option B as the preferred configuration for the future of Paediatric Cardiac Surgery. This excludes the unit at Glenfield in Leicester. This decision was on the back of a public consultation process where the public, when asked to consider the options, chose the strongest option as scored by the review team - Option A. The review process needs to be looked at again before a final decision is made on the back of the new scoring and weighting. Everyone should be assured that all the current centres Quality is above the standard required before they are asked to comment on what is important to them - for example travel times

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This response was given on 23 August 2012

The Backbench Business Committee have announced that a debate on this matter will be held in Westminster Hall on 22nd October 2012. Further information about the Committee can be found at

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