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Petition Facilitate correction of tongue-tie in newborn babies within three days from birth

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Tongue-tie is a reasonably common condition affecting up to10% of babies. It can make it difficult for babies to breastfeed and leave breastfeeding mothers in pain. This reduces the mother's chance of successfully continuing to breastfeed. Ensuring that tongue-tie is corrected quickly is therefore important if more babies are to be breastfed.
The correction of tongue-tie is a very cheap, quick, simple and low risk procedure. However, at the moment mothers may have to wait weeks or months to see the relevant specialist, by which time many will have stopped breastfeeding because their baby was unable to breastfeed properly.
I would like the government to train more tongue-tie specialists and ensure that breastfeeding mothers have tongue-tie diagnosed and corrected within the first three days of their baby's life. One way of acheiving this would be for tongue-tie specialists to work in post-natal wards, diagnosing and correcting tongue-tie as part of normal post-natal care.

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