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Petition Nationwide Public Awareness Domestic Violence Campaign

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With statistics revealing 21 men and 94 women are murdered by a partner, ex-partner or lover in 2010 - more than 2 a week, it is time to ask HM Government to raise awareness of this 'invisible' crime in a "Prevention is better than Cure" approach with a greater public awareness of what Domestic Violence is.

Let us, collectively as a proud and just nation, lobby the Government to adopt a minimum one year duration UK nationwide campaign - national press, media, advertising, PR, events etc - to inform ALL in our Society as to what exactly Domestic Violence is so that we can all identify what this abhorrent crime is and so, safeguarding ourselves and those we know.

Let's equip everyone with the information as to what Domestic Violence is, it's characteristics, it's negative impact on all effected by it so that we can help ourselves, help others when needed.

Knowledge is Power - and we might just save someone's life.

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