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Petition Power restrictions for new car drivers in line with those already in place for motorcycles

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Currently there is a tiered system for obtaining a full category 'A' motorcycle entitlement for new riders. As of January 2013 those requirements become stricter still, this presumably is intended to reduce the number of 'Killed or Seriously Injured' motorcyclists on UK roads.
In the interest of equality and road safety the same measure should be applied to new car drivers as novice drivers can currently legally drive a motor car of any horsepower. As motorcars are the cheaper and more preferred option for new drivers surely this inconsistency needs to be addressed.
I propose that new drivers have a cap placed on the size of engine/horse power they are permitted to drive for a minimum probationary period similar to that found with the motorcycle categories. This year has seen the first rise nationally in KSI numbers in over a decade.

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