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Petition Save Cressingham Gardens

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STOP the demolition & rebuilding of leafy & green Cressingham Gardens (CG) on Brockwell Park.

Lambeth Council is considering demolition & rebuild of CG. Extra new flats will be built on the site to be sold to fund the proposal. This will destroy the existing vibrant community & affect every user of the beautiful Brockwell Park.

*CG is a mix of families, elderly, social tenants & respected professionals, complete with edible gardens and a regular newsletter. If demolished tenants will be relocated & leaseholders evicted under Compulsory Purchase Orders, thus likely pushed off the property ladder.
*More flats = increase in crime. CG has one of the lowest crime rates in the borough.
*New build will affect the views within Brockwell Park.
*CG is a successful design by architect Ted Hollamby "responsive to topraphy & local conditions" - invisible under trees, staggered building heights & green areas - creating a highly livable, 'village'-like community in urban London.

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