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Petition Police Injury Pensions - Demand A Public Enquiry

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In 2004 the Home Office issued guidance to all police forces in England and Wales. It concerned pensions paid to police officers who suffered permanent injury on duty, and who were compulsorily retired.

The guidance advised that these men and women, who gave up their health and well being in service to their communities, could have their injury pensions dramatically reduced.

The High Court has now declared that guidance to be unlawful. Most forces realised that was the case right from the start, but some 17 forces followed the guidance, bringing misery to hundreds of families over the last eight years.

We demand a public enquiry into how this happened, and who is culpable. It is possible that, as well as maladministration, criminal offences were committed against Section 4 of the Fraud Act 2006 – fraud by abuse of position.

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