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Petition Cabinet Minister for Social Care

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Social Care impacts on the lives of millions - 1.6 million people receive fund care, 1.5 million people work in care, there are an estimated 6.4 million unpaid carers in the UK and obviously there are those they look after.

This equates to around 20% of the population impacted in some way by social care.

Given this number it has to be essential that Social Care is represented at Cabinet Level, with it's own Ministerial Department rather than being just a part of the Department of Health.

While Social Care and Health are linked, Social Care is also linked to Welfare, Housing, Communities just to name a few.

If we want truly integrated social care services then we need to see it from the top by having a Cabinet Level Minister who can work with ALL departments and represent the one fifth of the country that need or provide social care.

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