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Petition We Request A Public Enquiry into Farepak Directors

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We are asking the Government to change the law surrounding the pre-payment industry and to hold a Public Enquiry regarding Farepak & European Home Retail. 13/10/ 2006 Farepak went into Admin owing £38M to customers & Agents who’d pre-paid for goods that never arrived The Admin & subsequent Liquidation has cost approx. £9M to realise just approx. £5M It’s unfair & unjust that those whose money was taken & used recklessly bolstering the parent company WITHOUT the permission or knowledge of the Agents & customers are to pay the £9M bill accrued by BDO Then to add insult to injury the taxpayer has now been given a £6M legal bill due to the Director Disqualification case collapsing. Then in a Times article Sir Clive Thompson Chairman & Director of EHR is going to sue for deformation of character Legally this maybe allowed but MORALLY IT’S OUTRAGEOUS & LAWS NEED TO BE CHANGED We request a Public Enquiry is granted & held ASAP

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