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Petition Protect The EU Ban On Cosmetic Animal Testing!

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In 2003 a European ban was introduced. This ban stated that no cosmetic products would be tested on animals. This included ingredients as well as finished products. In 2009, after six years, the ban was finally set. Cosmetic related tests such as irritation tests, eye tests and poison tests have been stopped in the EU. All remaining tests were planned to come to an end in March 2013, when the second stage of the ban was to take place. We are still able to sell and purchase cosmetic products tested on animals as long as the tests took place outside of Europe, but in 2013 this was set to end. All cosmetics sold within the EU were to be free from animal testing.

However, this ban is now at risk. Postponing or compromising the ban is in question, due to the pressure of influential players inside the cosmetics industry.

We, the people of Europe, are standing up to say that we want cosmetic and toiletry testing on animals to end. No delays, no compromises. Keep the 2013 ban in place!

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