This petition was submitted during the 2010–2015 Conservative – Liberal Democrat coalition government

Petition Trialing the carriage of bicycles on light rail in South Yorkshire

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We petition that the 2015 trial of light railway (tram-train) between Rotherham and Sheffield in South Yorkshire includes trialling of the carriage of standard bicycles.
This is a national trial of light-rail intended to inform similar UK schemes. Its evaluation should include evidence about the carriage of bicycles to inform such transport developments. We believe that a major opportunity to develop the integration of mass transport with the use of bicycles will be ignored and lost to the detriment of sustainable transport.
Heavy rail is integrated with cycling and light rail and metro systems in other countries carry bicycles with no safety problems or conflicts of interests with wheelchairs, pushchairs or mobility scooters.
We ask the DfT and the Minister for Transport to request that the operating company, Stagecoach, and the project sponsors, South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive, change their decision not to allow the carriage of standard bicycles for these trials.

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