This petition was submitted during the 2010–2015 Conservative – Liberal Democrat coalition government

Petition 4Growth - Reinvest the 4G auction proceeds in unlocking high-tech growth

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The Government should heed the ‘4Growth’ campaign and invest the proceeds of the 4G spectrum auction in unlocking the UK's high-tech growth potential.

Securing a sustainable recovery from economic crisis depends on backing science and technology. The ‘4G’ auction only exists due to past publicly-funded innovation.

We could become a world-leader in innovation again if investment in science & technology is prioritised. The 4G windfall gives us the opportunity to jump-start this process in four key areas:

Talented researchers and innovators; ensure that the UK is home to the world’s top scientists and engineers

Science & technology infrastructure; make Britain the place to be for accessing cutting-edge facilities

Applied technology; create new avenues for blue-skies research to be turned into social, health, and economic gains

Backing entrepreneurship; fill the finance gap which stops businesses bringing new technologies to market

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