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Petition Guarantee Dental Foundation Training places for UK graduates

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In 2012 35 dentistry graduates from UK institutions were not allocated a Dental Foundation Training Place. Because completion of Dental Foundation Training is a prerequisite for newly-qualified dentists wishing to provide NHS care, these individuals will be disqualified from caring for NHS patients.

Training these individuals will have cost UK taxpayers approximately £150,000 per graduate. The graduates themselves will also have taken on significant amounts of debt in order to complete their degrees.

The signatories to this e-petition believe that what has happened this year is unacceptable because it has squandered taxpayers’ money and betrayed those who have strived hard to pursue a career providing NHS dental care.

They therefore call upon the Department for Health to meet the challenge set out in the British Dental Association’s recently-published YDC Asks document for every dentistry graduate from a UK institution to be guaranteed a Dental Foundation Training place.

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