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Petition Call for a fairer economy

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We believe that the UK should have a fairer economy in which all participants enjoy a more proportional share of success.

Boardroom salary has escalated, even in a difficult financial climate, by rewarding failure or by slashing costs in terms of workers and their salaries.

The average CEO now earns £4.9m a year - almost 200 times the average wage.

In contrast, the average worker has seen their salary frozen, or rise less than inflation.

After decades of experimenting with the failed experiment of trickle down economics, it is time to spread the weath from the bottom up.

We call for a debate to make society fairer and reduce the inequality gap. We call for a serious discussion on a living wage, removing the poorest from taxation, making the 50p tax rate permanent and closing tax loopholes that can only be exploited by the rich.

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