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Rejected petition Save British Wildlife

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We the undersigned ask the government to reduce the influx of people into the UK, from 500K a year to at most 100K a year.


-The UK is a small Island.

-We have an overly large human population of 62million which is growing.

- Scientific surveys are showing that species, such as: Bumble bees, Corncrakes, Bats, Crickets, Ground Beetles, Wildcats, Dormice, Starlings, Sparrows, Woodpeckers, Warblers, Hedgehogs, are threatened by, and going extinct due to habitat loss through human construction.

-As people arrive, more houses, roads, schools, shops, airports, golf courses will be built. This will destroy remaining wildlife habitat, like grass lands, ponds, bogs and woods.

-Since 1930, 98% of wildflower meadows, that are bumble bee habitat have been lost to farming, and development.

We urge the government to reduce immigration into the UK as wildlife has a right to thrive here.

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