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Petition Sanctions on Israel For War Crimes and Terrorism.

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Israel is Complicit of Numerous War Crimes against the Indeginous People of the Region. We Call on All Governments to End, Military, Weapons and Monetary Support to Israel. Stop Justifying their War Crimes. Sanctions must be Put on Israel for the Safety and Security of the World. Israel has Weapons of Mass Destruction, which it used in 2009 and it uses them Today. We call for an End to All Wars and Imperialism. Israel kills it People in The Same Way Assad kills its People. Both Leaderships need to be changed into Ones that Represent the True Peaceful Values of of All that live their, Old Paradigms need changing, A multicultural Israel with no Dividing Wall and No Military Rule needs to emerge where people of all Faith or no faith are Equal with Equal Rights.

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