This petition was submitted during the 2010–2015 Conservative – Liberal Democrat coalition government

Petition Ban "deal on the day" domestic sales in renewables

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Government should change the regulations governing sales of renewable energy products - Solar Electricity, Solar Thermal, Heat Pumps etc within the home. Salespeople should be banned from being able to take a payment or commitment to purchase on the day of the first sales call or visit to the home, whether invited or not. Ban "Deal on the Day".

Changing the law to make "deal on the day" illegal with a clearly stated penalty will help stop pressure salespeople from being able to apply their finely honed skills to the detriment of householders.
Unlike some trades, there is no good reason for a householder to need to make a decision on the day when purchasing a renewable energy system as it only deprives them of the ability to think and compare options on a system that represents a significant investment.

There is legislation in place providing a cooling off period but consumers are not aware of it and bad traders do not tell customers about it, making it practically useless.

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