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Petition People need Flood Insurance

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We call on government to take immediate action that will ensure flood victims and flood hit communities can obtain affordable flood insurance after 2013, in the interests of individuals, communities and the national economy.

Households that have flooded and those reckoned to be at high flood risk face massively increased insurance costs in a free market, as premiums rise to reflect individual risk.

Insurance underpins the security of people’s homes and their value. The end of the “Statement of Principles” in 2013 threatens an unfettered free market that could leave 200,000 homes unable to get flood insurance. This would
- Decimate the value of homes, possibly making them totally unsellable
- Blight the health and wealth of individuals and whole communities
- Blight local economies, particularly housing markets and small businesses
- Blight the lives of older and vulnerable people, who may never recover fully from flooding

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