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We the undersigned call on DECC Minister Ed Davey to repeal, suspend or amend the [2008] Climate Change Act and abolish the Committee for Climate Change.

The CCA has become a great folly. The two key aims of the CCA - to reduce CO2 emissions and to gain an international climate agreement have failed: global emissions are up 5.8 per cent and 18 international climate conferences have failed. The UK’s emissions are less than 2 per cent, and our emissions cuts will make no difference to the global temperature.

The CCA is making fuel and energy unaffordable. Thousands of businesses in key industries are now uncompetitive due to skyrocketing energy bills. There were 2,100 excess winter deaths last year, an increase in cold related illnesses, hunger, and fuel poverty hurting over 7 million families - enough is enough! Support Repeal the Act campaign.

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