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Petition Decriminalise Drugs

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We draw the attention of the government to the October report by the UK Drugs Policy Commission and the increasing body of evidence that the UK’s drugs policy is unscientific and unsuccessful. A growing proportion of MPs recognise this (the UKDPC reported that 77% of MPs agreed that drugs policy is failing). Portugal decriminalised drugs in 2000 and has since seen a huge reduction in drug use, drug related crime, and the mental and physical harm caused by drugs.

We urge the Government to end the failed War on Drugs. It has been unsuccessful in every measurable way. Prohibition is causing enormous social and physical harm in this country and around the world. Drugs are a health problem, not a criminal one.

We, the undersigned, call on the government to decriminalise drugs and to begin taxing them and regulating their supply. We demand a new phase in our country’s approach to drugs, one based upon empirical research and not the politics of fear.


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