This petition was submitted during the 2010–2015 Conservative – Liberal Democrat coalition government

Petition Right of free speech for police exposing corruption or security risks to public

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Pass a law to guarantee the freedom of speech for police who expose internal or external corruption at any level, whether due to media influence or political interference, who expose the misleading use of crime statistics or who openly discuss possible risks to the security of the public arising from policy decisions.

If direct communication with the public is discouraged (as now) except at the highest levels, police demoralisation and alienation of the young will be guaranteed instead.

Unless this trend is reversed, police will stay quiet in preference to being disciplined with the young feeling excluded, frustrated and attracted to riots.

If we fear opening the windows and choose to keep out the light, we'll also exclude the dawn chorus until, as a new book warns, 'The Rest is Silence'.

Let's decide not to fear opening the blinds. Please vote to guarantee free speech as essential for those still willing to provide our young a secure future by risking their own.

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