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Petition Save Bassingbourn Snowsports Club

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Bassingbourn Snowsports Club is under threat. After operating for over 40 years our landlords (Defense Infrastructure Organisation - DIO) have sent us notice that our lease will be terminated on 28th March 2013, as the army is closing the barracks.

The committee are busy coming up with plans to help this happen but the DIO have refused access and without support the club will close in March.

We need your help.

We need signatures from as many people as possible to help prove that ours is a site worth saving. Also pass the message on, the more supporters we can get the better.

Bassingbourn Snowsports Club has a long tradition of supporting grassroots skiing and snowboarding and providing the best tobogganing parties ever. Like all clubs we've had our ups and downs, but with enough good will we'll have a good chance of saving it.


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