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Petition Pop-Campaign - Reducing glass related injuries in Late Night Bars/Night Clubs

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Pop-Campaign wants to change the law and introduce PET bottles and polycarbonate glasses into Night Clubs and Late Night Bars in Towns and City Centres.

Glass bottles/glasses are the most common weapon used in violent assaults in UK.
80,000 glass & bottle attacks in the UK per year- accounts for 4% of all violent crime.
1.2 Million incidents of alcohol related violence a year.
40% A&E admissions are alcohol related,rising to 70% between midnight and 5am.
Cost NHS £1.7 Billion a year.

In addition to the considerable health care costs of managing glass related injuries,over a quarter of victims of facial wounds experience serious post-traumatic stress reaction,requiring long term follow up.Glass is not just a convenient weapon.A survey of bar workers indicated 40% had sustained accidental glass related injuries. One third needed A&E treatment.

Hull introduced polycarbonate glasses and saved £7.2 million in one year in eye surgery alone.

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