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Petition A Fair Deal for Everyone

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The Government’s austerity policy is profoundly unfair. Big cities with the highest levels of poverty and deprivation are facing the biggest cuts. At the same time wealthy areas with the lowest levels of poverty pay less.

Liverpool is losing £252 per head in cuts. Manchester is losing £209, Newcastle is losing £162, Birmingham is losing £166, and Sheffield is losing £140 per head.

Milton Keynes is losing just £38 per head. Central Bedfordshire is losing £18 a head. And people in North Dorset are losing just £2 a head.

The outdated and antiquated public funding ‘Barnett Formula’ is over 30 years old. It is unfair and needs overhauling.

We, the undersigned, believe there is a moral case for fairness in the cuts. We are calling on the Government to urgently rethink its policy and to apply the cuts more fairly across the country, protecting those most in need, and making sure those in wealthy parts of the country pay their fair share.

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