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Petition Oppose large scale incinerator, Javelin Park, Gloucestershire

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We the undersigned are opposed to the proposal by Gloucestershire County Council (GCC) and Urbaser Balfour Beatty to build a huge waste incinerator in the Severn Vale close to, and visible from, the nationally important Cotswold Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Eunomia say that there will be overcapacity of waste incinerators in the UK by 2015, so this incinerator is not needed.

We request that the Government calls in the planning application, as we do not believe GCC can determine it objectively.

It would burn recyclable materials and discourage recycling, produce persistent organic pollutants in its residues and cost local taxpayers c.£500 million over 25 years. We prefer cheaper, safer, less visually intrusive, environmentally friendly alternatives such as small MBT and AD plants. The Cotswold Conservation Board, CPRE, Natural England, Stroud District Council and thousands of local residents object to this proposal.

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