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Rejected petition Stop Household Division Bands being butchered

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Recent news has come to light of the bands of the Household Division being shambolically cut in numbers and serving musicians being sent out to smaller regional bands against their wishes, and in doing so affecting the lives of those musicians wives and families.
The government should stop this action taking place and be endeavouring to ensure that the Household Division bands are nurtured and supported to ensure that the high standards of professionalism, musicianship and tradition are maintained, for which these bands have become synomonous.
These bands are not only the mainstay of this country's state ceremonial but are also a tourist attraction. One only has to look back at events during the summer to see how much of an integral part these bands played in those said events.
These actions should stop before the bands are cut to ludicrous numbers and events such as Trooping the Colour, State Opening of Parliament and Rememberance Sunday will lose their grandeur and pageantry.

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