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The 1997 ban on normal type handguns, was not just an ill thought through emotionally charged and wholly unecessary act, but has had a multitude of negative consequences. Since the restriction gun crime has increased greatly, since handguns are now solely in the hands of criminals.However this is not the least of the issue, these restrictions have strangled legal,law abiding and safe shooting sports. Pistol target shooting is an Olympic event, and yet due to these ridiculous laws our Olympic pistol shooting team had to practise over seas. The restriction has literally strangled the sport of target shooting, inhibiting new talent from todays youth ever being able to support their country in future Olympic pistol shooting events. It is because of these reasons, that in this petition I urge you to repeal the 1997 handgun ban, and to reinstate normal style handguns as section 1 Firearms, requiring all the licensing that those currently do. Thank you.

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