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Petition BBC coverage of the Scottish Independence referendum should be impartial and balanced

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The upcoming 2014 Scottish independence referendum is possibly the biggest decision facing this country in generations.

As a public funded body, the BBC (in Scotland) should have a responsibility to report both sides of the debate in an equal and fair way.

The Ofcom broadcasting code does not apply to the BBC in respect of areas concerning impartiality, accuracy, elections or crucially in this case, referendums. This needs to be rectified.

In light of the historic vote due to take place in 2014, it is vital that no particular viewpoint is given preferential treatment.

The BBC should fairly represent the views of all Scottish licence fee payers and should provide both sides of the argument (in accordance with the Ofcom broadcasting code section 6) to encourage a well informed debate in Scotland and help ensure that the democratic validity of the result cannot be questioned.

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