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Petition Luton Airport expansion: Call the planning application in to the secretary of state

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The Comet newspaper - part of the Archant group of newspapers - is asking for a planning application proposing the expansion of Luton Airport to be called in to the secretary of state, for a full public inquiry.

The application in question was published on Monday, January 7 2013.

As things stand, a decision will be made by Luton Borough Council - to whom the application was submitted - which owns the airport through London Luton Airport Ltd.

The Comet does not believe this should be allowed.

We are calling on the secretary of state for local government to ensure the planning decision is taken out of the hands of the council which, as mentioned, has a strong vested interest in the expansion.

We believe a decision should be made by a body that is both independent and seen to be independent of those who have submitted the application.

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